Thursday, December 5, 2019

5 DIY Tips for Drain Cleaning :

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1-First and foremost: baking soda. There are many cleaners and quick fix options for sale, but baking soda is not only something that most have in the home, it’s also gentle on your skin and the environment. Simply pour a little down the drain and scrub gently with a moist scrubber.

2-Sometimes the unpleasant scent coming from your drain isn’t due to anything on the surface. Clogs are not only an annoying cause of slow drainage; they can also cause a bad scent resulting from an accidental buildup of matter and bacteria. If this is the case, put a half-cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of white vinegar and immediately block the drain with a stopper.

3-There are numerous opinions on the subject, but the truth is that keeping the amount of oil and grease you drain to a minimum is key to your drain’s cleanliness.

4-Use drain screens to keep hair, soap scum, hard food, and other solids from making their way into the drain.

5-On-going maintenance is the easiest way to keep your drains clean. Once a week, simply clean all sink stoppers, drain screens and drain surfaces and then pour boiling hot water down your drain.

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