Monday, October 21, 2019

Clogged Drain: A Common Problem with Garbage Disposals

  • Garbage disposers can be subject to several common problems. They can jam up when objects bind up the impeller blades inside the appliance. The drain fittings can loosen and cause leaking beneath the sink. Or, less commonly, the drain connecting the garbage disposer to the rest of the sink's drain trap assembly can become clogged and cause water to back up into the sink basin where the disposer is installed.
  • In a double-basin sink, when it's only the disposer basin that backs up with water, the likelihood is that the drain fitting on the disposer is clogged.

Causes of a Garbage Disposal Clog

1-Your garbage disposer is a workhorse appliance in your kitchen and one often taken for granted. Your disposal general has no problem grinding most food waste, but it's what happens after the grinding that may cause a clog.
2-The reason for a clog in a garbage disposal has to do with how ground food waste reacts to water (or lack of water) after the disposal unit grinds it up and sends it on its way toward the drain line. When a garbage disposer clogs, you will often find the problem in the trap pipe located on the waste discharge side of the disposal.
3-The poor or blocked drainage can be caused by several different reasons, as discussed below.
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